Sandy – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

We are so pleased to be able to say that our gorgeous pup Sandy has been officially adopted by Pam, Andy & son Joseph becoming a permanent part of the family alongside his new doggy sister Keira.
Sandy was not even 7 months old when floods devastated his original family’s home leaving them homeless and in the unfortunate position of having to give Sandy up.
While under assessment the lovely Pam transported him to the vets to be neutered for us and it was love at first sight, the family did not have any intention of fostering or adopting another dog until that moment but you can’t fight true love 😍 and they went from being his transporter to his fosterer a week later and his forever family just a couple of weeks after that.
This gorgeous and mischievous pup has broken a rule or two (that no dogs on the furniture one was the first to go 😈) but he’s getting them trained just how he likes them one day at a time! 😂
Congratulations of finding your forever family you stunning boy, enjoy your new life x



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