It gives us great pleasure to announce that the day has finally arrived where we can announce that Lincolnshire Dobermann Club’s pin up boy has successfully been cured of his demodectic mange. He will have his last measured Bravecto tablet tomorrow, he will still have to have this every 3 months but just as a precautionary measure until he is signed off totally. Everyone at the Lucas Fundraising Group would like to thank everyone who has supported the cause over the months, there are to many to personally mention but they are extremely grateful not only for the money but for your words of encouragement.

Most of all thank you to Adam who rescued him off the streets and spent months treating Lucas when he was at his worst, we know how hard that was and the days when you asked yourself if putting him through those initial treatments was worth it. And to Colette his mum who has spent many many hours nursing, soothing and loving Lucas through all the rough times, when many would have given up, but not Colette she has been there with him every step of the way and what a journey that has been.

Once again MANY THANKS to everyone xx


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