George – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

We are very happy to announce that George (was Blaine) has been adopted by his foster family Jonathan & Heather and dobie sister Cordy 🎉

George was being rehomed theough a well known selling site so we stepped in to ensure that he wouldn’t be passed from home to home or used for breeding, his old owner was very happy that he had a safe place and would be well looked after 😊 We got him vaccinated, neutered and he had a thorough health check and then suggested he was ready to be placed up for adoption to which his fosterers replied by signing his adoption contract (we all knew he wasn’t ever leaving them really 😆)

George is a stunning example of the Dobermann breed.  He adores to play with other dogs, likes going on long walks, really enjoys helping with a spot of gardening 🌾 but most of all he loves his cuddles with his humans and would happily sit on their knees lapping up the attention all day 😍

Congratulations on your finding your forever family gorgeous 🐾



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