Muffin – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

Well our little poppet Muffin has finally gone and got himself adopted πŸ’™

Muffin came into our rescue along with his brother after being found on the street when they were just a couple of months old and were raised in an animal shelter until we took them and put them in loving foster homes 🏑

Muffin has slowly learnt what being a family pet is all about, having a warm bed, a full tummy, treats, toys and most importantly love πŸ’™Β he absolutley loves being outdoors running around with the doggy friends he has made on his walks 🐢

It took him some time to learn the basics but he is now a master and after months of searching for his very own family along came Clare and Nick and fell for him hook line and sinker, and it was clear from the meet and greet that Muffin was going nowhere!

Congratulations little Muffin you finally have the life you should have always had, enjoy every second xxx



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