Ghost – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Ghost (was Frances) has been adopted by her foster family πŸŽ‰

Ghost is a stunning 11 month old white GSD x girl who has spent her entire life in kennels. She came to us as a scared little girl with a really bad skin infection on her back 😒 however with lots of TLC some antibiotics and medicated cream the infection has cleared up and her fur has started to grow back nicely.

Ghost is a wonderful pup who adores cuddles from her family Β and everyone she meets, she is eager to please and absolutely loves playing with her doggy brother and sister Diesel and Annie, she is an all round happy little girl now πŸ•

Ali and John have always fell in love with their foster furbabies but up until now have managed to resist the temptation to adopt, however Ghost (foster number 39) has changed that and they just couldn’t let her go 😍 They have put so much time and effort into her care, teaching her the basic commands, toilet training, stopping her from chewing everything she sees and getting her able to wear a collar and lead to go for walks. We are so happy that they are finally going to enjoy the benefit of the hard work they put in with their foster dogs as Ghost will be with them for her lifetime 🏑

Congratulations on making your foster family fail gorgeous girl, you have a wonderful future ahead 😘



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