Louie – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

We are so happy to announce that Louie (was Jesse) has had his adoption finalised 🤗

Louie is the most gorgeous 10 month old GSD x Husky pup who was taken in as a stray and we can only guess at how badly he was abused at the hands of a human as when he arrived he spent the first 9 hours hiding in a hedge behind a shed because he was that terrified of people 😢

Louie is a real sweetheart and although he is still a little wary of new people, once he knows and trusts you he will greet you like a long lost friend whether you’ve been gone for 2 hours or 2 minutes 😍 He walks lovely on lead, is housetrained and despite him pretending otherwise sometimes – he does know all the basic commands 😂

Louie loves to play outside with his toys and really enjoys being with his doggy friends out and about on walks. He now has a wonderful forever home with Diana and has 2 cat siblings who help him take up all of the space on the bed 🛏

Congratulations on finding your perfect home Louie, you are going to have an amazing life 😘



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