Lilly – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

We are so happy to announce that Lilly, our beautiful 12 week old Akita x GSD puppy has been adopted 🎊

Lilly already had to fight for her life as she was riddled with parasites and a nasty infection when she came into rescue so it was touch and go for a while 😒 Luckily she pulled through and although she has a small hernia, the vet said she is a lovely and healthy pup now and the hernia can be corrected when she is spayed when she is old enough 😌

Lilly is a typical pup, she loves to play, is inquisitve and eager to learn. She is 99% housetrained, already knows the basic commands and walks beautifully on lead πŸ•

Lilly is a very calm girl (when she’s not playing) and as soon as Sarah, Ricky & family saw her they knew they wanted to adopt her and we honestly could not think of a better home for this girl πŸ’œ

Congratulations on your forever home Lilly, we know you are going to have a wonderful life 🐾



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