Rory – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

We are happy to announce that Rory, our handsome 20 week old white kitten with blue eyes has been adopted 🎉

Rory was rescued from a home where the female cat has been having litter after litter of kittens, Rory was the last kitten left from his litter and he was full of fleas and had worms, he came into rescue to be nursed into good health while mum was returned to the owners after being spayed 😊

Rory is very affectionate loves being stroked & fussed over and he is cat, dog, rabbit and child friendly ❤️ He loves a game of ‘fetch’ with little balls, adores hiding in boxes so he can pounce when you least expect it and likes to hunt insects and creepy crawlies 😅 He is going to fit in well with his adopter Lauryn and her family joining their other furry family members! 😁

Congratulations on your forever home gorgeous, you have a wonderful life ahead of you 💋



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