Lucy 🌈

Rainbow Bridge

It doesn’t matter how long an animal is with us in Lucky, we love them from the second they arrive with us.

One of our adopters contacted us to say a friend had found a stray cat, the cat was friendly and wearing a collar but despite a search locally and us placing ‘Found Cat’ posters everywhere online no owner came forward.

Even though the person who found the cat was leaving food out, she had lost weight and as we couldn’t find her owner, we placed her with one of our fosterers overnight ready to take her to the vets in the morning for a health check, flea & worm treatment, a microchip, first vaccinations and to see when she would be able to be spayed.

We thought she was a young thing, very underweight from being a stray but otherwise fine. We were devastated to find out thatΒ she was at least 13 years old, had an overactive thyroid, a massive lump that in the vets opinion was most likely to be cancerous, was injured and in pain.

We hoped it might be possible to get treatment, relieve the pain enough bring her home and let her live out the rest of her days in foster but the vet made it clear it would be kinder to end her suffering.

She was given the name Lucy and was sent peacefully to the bridge in the loving arms of her foster mum.

Run free Lucy, you knew love at the end 🌈



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