Ronnie – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Ronnie, our stunning 3 year old Rottweiler girl has been adopted by her foster family 🎉

Ronnie came into Lucky when one of our fosterers saw her being advertised for sale to anyone who could take her that day, she had been in at least 5 homes in the previous 3 months and her new owners had her for only a couple of days but because she hadn’t settled immediately she was sold on 😢

Ronnie is a real sweetheart who was just confused and scared but now she knows she is safe and wont be hurt she absolutely loves curling up on the sofa with her humans for cuddles ❤️

Ronnie has settled in with Lisa and family so well that they couldn’t bare to part with her and although she still has a little way to go with trusting strangers when she meets them, she is extremely happy and her playful side is slowly emerging 😄

Congratulations on your furever home sweet girl, you really deserve it 😘



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