Lottie – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

We are pleased to announce that Lottie, our gorgeous 8 month old German Shepherd puppy  has been adopted by her foster family 🎉

Lottie found herself in rescue after a neighbour witnessed her owner abusing her 😡 The owner handed her over without a second thought and Lucky was asked to step in and find her a loving home 💜

Unfortunately we have discovered that as a result of the abuse she has received, Lottie has a broken hip (along with a couple of now healed leg fractures) that never received medical attention 😡 and she will need a full hip replacement once she is fully grown, which we are currently fundraising for.

Lottie is a typical playful GSD pup, she is highly intelligent and needs lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise 🐾 She is really sweet and loving and absolutely adores curling up with a human for cuddles 🐶

Lottie is housetrained, knows most of the basic commands and is easily capable of learning so many more, she is learning to walk nicely on the lead and is everything friendly, although cats do confuse her 😹

It didn’t come as any surprise when Sonia and family told us there was no way they could bare to part with Lottie and would like to adopt her 😍 so it is now official, Lottie has her forever home 💖

Congratulations sweetie, you’re going to have a wonderful life 😘



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