Riley – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

We are so pleased to announce that Riley, our handsome 5 year old little Jack Russell Terrier boy has been adopted 🎉

Riley came to Lucky from a home where he has been badly abused by the male owner, repeatedly beaten and thrown outside with only an old cupboard for shelter and when he was collected by one of our voluneers he was covered in his own faeces and urine 😡

Riley is a sweet and gentle boy who adores cuddles and being a lapdog 💙 he is fully housetrained, dog and child friendly and loves going for walks and having playtime 🐾Although he is understandably nervous of men when he meets them, he does overcome this with time, patience and a little bribe of sausage or cheese 😅

Riley was spotted by Ruth and Des and it was love at first sight for them. Riley has spent the last few weeks having several meets and greets and visits to their home so he felt completely safe and happy when his adoption was finalised 😍

Congratulations on your adoption sweet boy, you are going to be so happy 😘





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