Lola – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

Lola (was Luminita) our cute 3 year old Chihuahua x JRT girl has been adopted by her fosterers Shane, Shell and family 🏡

Lola is a sweet and loving little girl who likes nothing more that to cuddle up with her human or doggy friends. She knows the basic commands and thanks to some amazing positive based training by her new family she is now brilliant on and off lead and fully toilet trained 😁 Lola was seriously overweight when she came into rescue but thanks to a controlled diet as well as having lots of walks and playing games to improve her health and to encourage weight loss she is already a lot slimmer and loving her new, active lifestyle 🐾

We suspected Lola was always going to be staying with her foster family as they had been waiting a long time to find the perfect dog for them and a sister for their resident dog, Sammie the Sproker, one look at Lola’s photo and they knew she was ‘the one’ 💖

Congratulations pretty girl, you’ve certainly landed on your paws with your new family, be happy sweetheart 😘




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