Buzz – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

We are pleased to announce that Buzz, our gorgeous 18 month old English Bulldog x Pug (Bulldog sized) has been adopted by Sinead and George 🎉

Buzz is an exceptional boy who loves absolutely everybody he meets, he is a lively dog who just wants to play and run around all day 🐶 He is fully house trained, crate trained, and knows the basic commands however he does pull on lead during walks and needs further training 🐾

Buzz severed his cruciate ligament about 8 months ago, he had surgery and is completely healed with no issues, however it is something any potential home needed to be aware of 😞

Buzz was a popular boy and we received a lot of applications for him but after a lot of deliberations we decided that Sinead and George were the ideal family for him 🏡

Congratulations on your forever home gorgeous boy, you deserve it 😘




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