Dulux – Adopted

Our Happy Endings, Uncategorized

We are so happy to announce that Dulux, our stunning 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier boy has been adopted 🎉

Dulux did his 7 days at the pound waiting for his owner to come and collect him but no-one did and for no other reasons but the pound being full and him being a Staffy he was at serious risk of being euthanised 😡 Dulux went into foster and his foster family fell in love and decided to adopt him but due to a massive change in their circumstances they were unable to go ahead and Dulux was once again looking for his forever family 😢

Sometimes things happen for a reason and just a couple of days later we received an application from Mark who was looking for a sweet, laid back and loving Staffy that was great with other dogs and children to join his family and we knew that this was the home Dulux had been waiting for all this time 🐾

Dulux immediately made himself at home, giving kisses and cuddles to his new humans and running around with resident dog Lance, he is absolutely loving being part of his new family and has fitted in perfectly 💙

Congratulations on your forever home handsome boy, you have a wonderful life to look forward too 😘



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