Max – Adopted

Our Happy Endings

We are happy to say that Max,our dinky, 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier boy has been adopted by his foster family 🎉

Max was one of several animals being neglected by their owner, he had been infested with fleas for so long that his skin was red and sore and his claws were curling round towards his pads making every single step he took painful 😢 Within 24 hours of him arriving with us he was taken to the vets to get treated and have his first vaccinations so he is now feeling much better and is a lot happier.

Max is a sweet and loving boy who is brilliant with children and has happily lived with cats 😻 He loves bothing more than to curl up with his humans for cuddles 💙

Unfortunately Max had never been walked or socialised so he became fear reactive towards other dogs and people on bikes when out, constantly barking at them when he saw them 🚴🏼 but this has started to improve with some hard work and positive training by Teresa and family, which they will continue 😁

Congratulations on you forever family little one 💋



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