Poppy 🌈

Rainbow Bridge

We are heartboken to have to say that Poppy (was Ella) our beautiful 12 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier has gone to the bridge 🌈

Poppy’s brilliant permanent foster mum called to say she was off her food and seemed bloated so we had her immediately in to see the vet where she received x-rays, blood tests and an ultrasound which showed she had a massive tumour that was fused to both her spleen and liver. The Vet informed us that an operation would most likely prove unsuccessful, even if they managed to remove the tumour and her spleen without damaging her liver and if she survived the sugery, she would only have a couple of months at most and they would be uncomfortable for her, so on the Vets advice, knowing she was in pain and with the agreement of her foster mum we made the difficult decision to euthanise Poppy and let her be at peace.

Poppy was found as a stray and taken to the local pound but nobody came to claim her so she was placed at the top of the list to be euthanised simply because she was an old Staffy and the pound was overcapacity.

Poppy was agentle girl who loved cuddles and playing almost as much as she liked sleeping, she was everything friendly and a genuine sweetheart. We did not have any history her but all of old the scars on her body along with healed broken bones, a small missing part of her jaw, no muscle in her rear leg and the puncture wounds in the top of her head told us a very horrific and brutal story about her past.

As a result of the awful life this poor girl had and her senior age, we decided that she should stay as a ‘furever foster’ under Lucky, surrounded by loving people and a dedicated team where she always had everything she needed and deserved for her final 9 months.

Run Free amazing girl, you are loved and you will always be in our hearts 🌈




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