About Our Dogs

We use foster homes for our dogs as this allows us to assess and monitor how they react to different situations, it also enables our foster families to help work on any house training and socialisation if required.

We like all our dogs to stay with their foster families for around a month to make sure that they are 100% ready for their new life and this is also a less stressful transition than from a pound.

We have a small network of foster carers but we are always on the lookout for more volunteers. We would like to have our foster carers within the Nottingham area as this makes it easier for us to provide the maximum support, however we would consider other areas close to/surrounding Nottingham providing that fosters would be able to transport their dogs to any appointments i.e. vets.

All our Foster families play a key role in helping and supporting our dogs rehabilitation in a loving and safe environment and all we ask is that you can cover the cost of the food and provide an abundance of love, wherever possible we look to provide bedding, cages, toys etc

If you would like to become a foster family or offer one of our dogs a home for life please contact us today for an application form or go to the menu to fill one in online.

Please Return Your Completed Application Form To: luckypawsdogrescue@yahoo.co.uk


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