Victoria – Trustee

Meet the Team

Victoria, is the co-founder and a Tustee of Lucky Paws. She is the slave to a pampered miniature poodle called Tara 🐾 Vicky has been working within the rescue world for over 4 years and works tirelessly as an advocate for all animals everywhere 💛



Samantha – Trustee

Meet the Team

Samantha is the co-founder and a Trustee of Lucky Paws. She is owned by several very spoilt animals including a yellow Labrador named Pippin, 2 white cats named Claude & Ari and a house-rabbit named Scottie 💜 She has been actively involved in the rescue world for 4 years now and is a huge supporter of the anti-BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) campaign 🐾


Ian – Trustee

Meet the Team

Ian is a Trustee of Lucky Paws Dog Rescue and loves dogs. While technically not part of the ‘rescue world’ before now, he has many years of experience as a Trustee for other charities, making him a valuable asset.


Lauryn – Senior Admin

Meet the Team

Lauryn has been an integral part of Lucky Paws from day one and has been involved in rescue for over 3 years 🐶 She studied Animal Management in college and is a huge animal lover with a habit of regularly bringing home furry waifs, strays and unwanted pets to join her family 🐾