Martha 🌈

Rainbow Bridge

We are absolutely heartbroken to say that Martha, our little 3 year old Kokoni girl has gone to Rainbow Bridge 💔

Martha came into Lucky Paws along with her 6 month old puppies Bella and Lottie. She was adopted by her wonderful foster family and her confident nature really helped her new furbrother Freddie who was little cautious about everything and the pair of them bonded quickly 🐾

Unfortunately Martha’s previous abusive life had left her with some issues she just couldn’t overcome and despite having the most amazing, loving home and living the life of a princess for almost 2 years, she finally needed the peace she could only find at the bridge 🌈

R.I.P little girl, you are loved, missed and will be in our hearts forever 💜



Poppy 🌈

Rainbow Bridge

We are heartboken to have to say that Poppy (was Ella) our beautiful 12 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier has gone to the bridge 🌈

Poppy’s brilliant permanent foster mum called to say she was off her food and seemed bloated so we had her immediately in to see the vet where she received x-rays, blood tests and an ultrasound which showed she had a massive tumour that was fused to both her spleen and liver. The Vet informed us that an operation would most likely prove unsuccessful, even if they managed to remove the tumour and her spleen without damaging her liver and if she survived the sugery, she would only have a couple of months at most and they would be uncomfortable for her, so on the Vets advice, knowing she was in pain and with the agreement of her foster mum we made the difficult decision to euthanise Poppy and let her be at peace.

Poppy was found as a stray and taken to the local pound but nobody came to claim her so she was placed at the top of the list to be euthanised simply because she was an old Staffy and the pound was overcapacity.

Poppy was agentle girl who loved cuddles and playing almost as much as she liked sleeping, she was everything friendly and a genuine sweetheart. We did not have any history her but all of old the scars on her body along with healed broken bones, a small missing part of her jaw, no muscle in her rear leg and the puncture wounds in the top of her head told us a very horrific and brutal story about her past.

As a result of the awful life this poor girl had and her senior age, we decided that she should stay as a ‘furever foster’ under Lucky, surrounded by loving people and a dedicated team where she always had everything she needed and deserved for her final 9 months.

Run Free amazing girl, you are loved and you will always be in our hearts 🌈



Sid 🌈

Rainbow Bridge

We are absolutely heartbroken to have to say that Sid, our gorgeous and playful 2 year old Bichon Frise x boy has passed away in his sleep.

Sid came to us from another rescue. Heartbreakingly, when we took him to see the vet the day after he came under our care, we were informed that Sid had a very severe, Grade 6 heart murmur, unfortunately there was absolutely no treatment that could be done to fix it, all we could do was manage the condition and make sure that he had the most fullfilling and wonderful time imaginable until he went to Rainbow Bridge 🌈

We want to take this opportunity to thank wonderful Frances McGrath who gave him so much love and fun with her other lifelong dogs in his final weeks.

Run free Sid, you will always be loved 🌈



Lucy 🌈

Rainbow Bridge

It doesn’t matter how long an animal is with us in Lucky, we love them from the second they arrive with us.

One of our adopters contacted us to say a friend had found a stray cat, the cat was friendly and wearing a collar but despite a search locally and us placing ‘Found Cat’ posters everywhere online no owner came forward.

Even though the person who found the cat was leaving food out, she had lost weight and as we couldn’t find her owner, we placed her with one of our fosterers overnight ready to take her to the vets in the morning for a health check, flea & worm treatment, a microchip, first vaccinations and to see when she would be able to be spayed.

We thought she was a young thing, very underweight from being a stray but otherwise fine. We were devastated to find out that she was at least 13 years old, had an overactive thyroid, a massive lump that in the vets opinion was most likely to be cancerous, was injured and in pain.

We hoped it might be possible to get treatment, relieve the pain enough bring her home and let her live out the rest of her days in foster but the vet made it clear it would be kinder to end her suffering.

She was given the name Lucy and was sent peacefully to the bridge in the loving arms of her foster mum.

Run free Lucy, you knew love at the end 🌈


Jax 🌈

Rainbow Bridge

It’s with a very heavy heart that we have to say that we have had to let Jax go to run over Rainbow Bridge 🌈

Jax was our 11 month old GSD x Lurcher who we took from another rescue which had bought him over from Romania but couldn’t find him a home. He had a bad start to life and had been hit by a car when only a couple of months old, unfortunately the surgery performed before he came to us was not suitable (they had removed the ball of his hip joint) leaving him in constant pain. Despite this Jax was an amazing and loving dog, everything friendly, he loved nothing more than to play and cuddle up with his humans and his furry friends.

Jax had his much needed amputation on Friday (5th August) the surgery itself went well but while Jax was in recovery one of the ligatures moved on his femoral artery causing him to haemorrhage so they had to go back in as an emergency and stem the bleeding, however his red blood cell count was within normal range and his skin tissue looked healthy and he was allowed to go home. Jax was in a lot of pain put was managing to get around and eating & drinking. Jax developed a small abscess/infection after a couple of days but when shown to the vet there was no major concern at the time, however on Tuesday night Jax became seriously ill and was rushed to the local veterinary hospital where he was put on IV antibiotics and pain medication and we were told that his red blood cell count was dangerously low and his heart rate extremely high. They promised to do the best they could to get him through the night but it was touch and go. Now Jax was a fighter and in the morning he was transferred to the normal vet practice where they opened him back up and drained his abscess but on thursday it was obvious the skin around his scar was dying and the whole wound was beginning to open up; there wasn’t enough healthy tissue to make any other surgery possible, swabs confirmed that he had MRSP (dog version of MRSA) and he was suffering so much that we could only make the heartbreaking decision to let him go.

We would like to thank Vanessa, John & family for making his life so wonderful and loving him so much, you gave him everything we ever wished for him.

RIP Jax you were an amazing stunning boy who stole the hearts of everyone who met you. You were one of those souls sent to change lives for the better. The drawback was that you couldn’t stay as long as you would have liked or we would have loved. You left a pawprint on all of our hearts and our lives will never be the same again but they have been improved for knowing you. You will always be special and loved so much, run free beautiful boy 🌈


Rigby 🌈

Rainbow Bridge

We are absolutely devistated to have to announce that Rigby or 2 year old handsome Dobermann has passed away during surgery.

Rigby came into rescue after his owners decided he needed more than they could offer him. Unfortunately just 3 days after arriving, Rigby became seriously unwell and was rushed to the emergency vet when it was discovered he had a blockage in his stomach from something he had eaten at his owners home just before coming to Lucky Paws. He was taken into surgery to remove the blockage but despite everyones best effort Rigby hearbreakingly did not wake up from the anaesthetic.

Rigby was a typical ‘velcro’ Dobermann who loved to be around people. Good around other dogs, he was very intelligent and loved doing commands, tricks, agility and ‘seeking’ for rewards. Rigby was a well trained, proud boy and a superb example of his breed.

Run free at Rainbow Bridge darling boy, you are loved and missed 🌈